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John Street is a world-renowned stunt coordinator who has worked on some of the highest-grossing action movies of all time. A specialist fight choreographer, John has worked in all aspects of action.

About John

John Street is a World-renowned Stunt Coordinator and a member of the British Stunt Register (BSR), Equity and SAG/AFTRA. In his 20 year career. He has won 3 SAG awards and been nominated for 3 others. He has worked on some of the largest budget and biggest grossing movies of all time. A specialist fight choreographer, John has worked in all aspects of action and puts safety first when helping others put their visions onto screen.

John has worked everywhere from Hollywood to Bollywood, including on 5 of Christopher Nolan's acclaimed pictures. Through working across the USA, North Africa, India, Canada, the UAE, the UK and Europe, John has been able to culminate a team of top professionals in their fields.

He has an impeccable safety record and a skill-set that covers all aspects of stunts, from training actors to a high level to coordinating the action sequences, while working closely with producers to bring a project in on time and within budget.

Standing next to Humvee
Jason Statham


John began boxing at the age of 9 and competed from the age of 11. His passion for martial arts and boxing remains to this day and has inspired numerous actors to find the confidence to go to the next level on camera. He also served as a Royal Marine Commando, gaining valuable qualifications as an Unarmed Combat Instructor, Arctic Warfare specialist and Sniper.

John qualified as a stunt performer in 2001 and quickly found his skills in high demand. He rose through the ranks as a fight choreographer, notably on films such as Inception and Redemption where the complicated action scenes required specialized planning and rehearsals. He has doubled many Actors and trained others such as Jason Statham, Joseph Gordon Levitt and the lead cast of Dunkirk.

Tom Struthers

Tom Struthers

2nd Unit Director & Stunt Coordinator

I can say that I will always try to use John as my Stunt Coordinator whenever it is possible. I have known and used him for 20 years and he has always delivered to a first-class level, be it Performing Stunts personally, training actors for stunt scenes or Stunt Coordinating my 2nd Unit Action. He consistently delivers and has a teaching and training ability that puts actors at ease, either if they are being taught fights or shooting Firearms.


For example, we had a scene on Dunkirk where the actor had to be submerged in the ocean in the cockpit of the Spitfire, John stayed with the actor and made sure he was calm and reassured him in order to produce a great scene in the film.


John has an exceptional eye for safety by actually foreseeing and identifying any danger issues that others may have missed which is why he has an impeccable safety record, with many years of experience in the stunt industry.

Matthew Hope

Matthew Hope


John Street is a brilliant stunt-coordinator, military-technical expert and collaborator. John was instrumental in shaping the action scenes for All The Devil’s Men from the script stage. I would come up with action scenarios for the story and John would lay out in detail how it would be done in real life. As we were going for realism this proved invaluable. John literally designed the action scenes. I give him enormous credit for making the action look as good as it does. John is all-around pro too. He doesn’t force his ideas on you but will continuously offer up suggestions. He has no ego in this regard. But he has such extensive experience he can come up with stuff on the fly when faced with cuts in time, budget or days. He helped us when the budget forced us to make changes to the action but always made sure that what we did was just as good and exciting.


John is great with actors. His calm and measured temperament allows the actors to feel comfortable with all the training he puts them through. John was able to take the actors and transform them into the characters they were portraying. The actors really responded to him because he’s respectful of their craft and what they need in order to achieve believability.


Another really important thing John understands is staging action for the camera. Because of the speed which we were shooting our action John’s experience proved a lifesaver in some instances. He knows what will play on-screen and how best to capture the action. I learned a great deal from John and enjoyed working with him immensely and I look forward to our next collaboration. 

Ben Collins

Ben Collins

AKA The Stig

I’ve had the pleasure of working with John for over ten years and he’s a fantastic asset for any film production undertaking an action sequence. His cool and calm approach to stunts results in a controlled and safe working environment in which a stunt team brings out its best results on camera. His breadth of expertise covers everything from fighting, driving, wirework, fire and the array of kinetic action that glues an audience to the edge of its seat. His award-winning work on complex projects such as Inception highlights John’s ability to work well and communicate clearly across all departments. John's generous nature makes him a renowned trainer and he enables actors to maximise their potential during the action stages of a movie.

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